BKOS 110

Floor duct, heavy design, constructed for walk-upon use, without side perforation, including electric conductivity

A separating strip needs to be installed from a width of ≥ 300 mm. Two separating strips to be installed from a width of ≥ 500 mm. Floor duct side cover on request.

Continously hot galvanized (Sendzimir process) (DIN EN 10346)

BKOS 110-10S110 mm100 mm3000 mm2 mm15.98 kg
BKOS 110-15S110 mm150 mm3000 mm2 mm18.28 kg
BKOS 110-20S110 mm200 mm3000 mm2 mm20.63 kg
BKOS 110-30S110 mm300 mm3000 mm2 mm25.28 kg
BKOS 110-40S110 mm400 mm3000 mm2 mm29.99 kg
BKOS 110-50S110 mm500 mm3000 mm2 mm34.64 kg
BKOS 110-60S110 mm600 mm3000 mm2 mm39.28 kg
BKOS 1,5-110-10S110 mm100 mm1500 mm2 mm7.99 kg
BKOS 1,5-110-15S110 mm150 mm1500 mm2 mm9.14 kg
BKOS 1,5-110-20S110 mm200 mm1500 mm2 mm10.32 kg
BKOS 1,5-110-30S110 mm300 mm1500 mm2 mm12.64 kg
BKOS 1,5-110-40S110 mm400 mm1500 mm2 mm15 kg
BKOS 1,5-110-50S110 mm500 mm1500 mm2 mm17.32 kg
BKOS 1,5-110-60S110 mm600 mm1500 mm2 mm19.64 kg
BKOS 1-110-10S110 mm100 mm1000 mm2 mm5.33 kg
BKOS 1-110-15S110 mm150 mm1000 mm2 mm6.09 kg
BKOS 1-110-20S110 mm200 mm1000 mm2 mm6.88 kg
BKOS 1-110-30S110 mm300 mm1000 mm2 mm8.43 kg
BKOS 1-110-40S110 mm400 mm1000 mm2 mm10 kg
BKOS 1-110-50S110 mm500 mm1000 mm2 mm11.55 kg
BKOS 1-110-60S110 mm600 mm1000 mm2 mm13.09 kg