STU 50

vertical ladder, medium building class, with continuously perforated side beams, for fastening directly to walls or detached, riveted rungs made of C-profile 40×22 mm

Continously hot galvanized (Sendzimir process) (DIN EN 10346)

STU 50-02-3S210 mm3000 mm2.00 kN9.75 kg
STU 50-03-3S300 mm3000 mm2.00 kN10.35 kg
STU 50-04-3S400 mm3000 mm2.00 kN10.90 kg
STU 50-05-3S500 mm3000 mm2.00 kN11.50 kg
STU 50-06-3S600 mm3000 mm2.00 kN12.05 kg
STU 50-07-3S700 mm3000 mm2.00 kN12.65 kg
STU 50-08-3S800 mm3000 mm2.00 kN13.25 kg
STU 50-02S210 mm6000 mm2.00 kN19.50 kg
STU 50-03S300 mm6000 mm2.00 kN20.70 kg
STU 50-04S400 mm6000 mm2.00 kN21.80 kg
STU 50-05S500 mm6000 mm2.00 kN23.00 kg
STU 50-06S600 mm6000 mm2.00 kN24.10 kg
STU 50-07S700 mm6000 mm2.00 kN25.30 kg
STU 50-08S800 mm6000 mm2.00 kN26.50 kg

Hot-dip galvanized, according to BS 729 (DIN EN ISO 1461)

STU 50-02-3F210 mm3000 mm2.00 kN10.50 kg
STU 50-03-3F300 mm3000 mm2.00 kN11.05 kg
STU 50-04-3F400 mm3000 mm2.00 kN11.65 kg
STU 50-05-3F500 mm3000 mm2.00 kN12.30 kg
STU 50-06-3F600 mm3000 mm2.00 kN12.90 kg
STU 50-07-3F700 mm3000 mm2.00 kN13.55 kg
STU 50-08-3F800 mm3000 mm2.00 kN14.15 kg
STU 50-02F210 mm6000 mm2.00 kN21.00 kg
STU 50-03F300 mm6000 mm2.00 kN22.10 kg
STU 50-04F400 mm6000 mm2.00 kN23.30 kg
STU 50-05F500 mm6000 mm2.00 kN24.60 kg
STU 50-06F600 mm6000 mm2.00 kN25.80 kg
STU 50-07F700 mm6000 mm2.00 kN27.10 kg
STU 50-08F800 mm6000 mm2.00 kN28.30 kg