STU 60

vertical ladder, heavy building class, with continuously three-way perforated side beams, beams made of U-profile 60x40x4 mm, rungs made of C-profile 40×22 mm to be screwed in

Beams and rungs are delivered not mounted including screws and nuts.

Hot-dip galvanized, according to BS 729 (DIN EN ISO 1461)

STU 60-02-3F200 mm3000 mm2.00 kN21.25 kg
STU 60-03-3F300 mm3000 mm2.00 kN22.07 kg
STU 60-04-3F400 mm3000 mm2.00 kN22.77 kg
STU 60-05-3F500 mm3000 mm2.00 kN23.57 kg
STU 60-06-3F600 mm3000 mm2.00 kN24.27 kg
STU 60-07-3F700 mm3000 mm2.00 kN25.07 kg
STU 60-08-3F800 mm3000 mm2.00 kN25.77 kg
STU 60-09-3F900 mm3000 mm2.00 kN26.32 kg
STU 60-10-3F1000 mm3000 mm2.00 kN27.42 kg
STU 60-11-3F1100 mm3000 mm2.00 kN28.22 kg
STU 60-12-3F1200 mm3000 mm2.00 kN29.20 kg
STU 60-02F200 mm6000 mm2.00 kN49 kg
STU 60-03F300 mm6000 mm2.00 kN52.20 kg
STU 60-04F400 mm6000 mm2.00 kN55.20 kg
STU 60-05F500 mm6000 mm2.00 kN57.60 kg
STU 60-06F600 mm6000 mm2.00 kN60.80 kg
STU 60-07F700 mm6000 mm2.00 kN63.80 kg
STU 60-08F800 mm6000 mm2.00 kN66.80 kg
STU 60-09F900 mm6000 mm2.00 kN70 kg
STU 60-10F1000 mm6000 mm2.00 kN73 kg
STU 60-11F1100 mm6000 mm2.00 kN76 kg
STU 60-12F1200 mm6000 mm2.00 kN79.20 kg