RAA 110

This article is also available made in stainless steel finish, material No. 1.4571 / 1.4404 (V4A).

Continously hot galvanized (Sendzimir process) (DIN EN 10346)

RAA 110-10S110 mm100 mm1.20 kg
RAA 110-20S110 mm200 mm1.40 kg
RAA 110-30S110 mm300 mm1.50 kg
RAA 110-40S110 mm400 mm1.70 kg
RAA 110-50S110 mm500 mm1.80 kg
RAA 110-60S110 mm600 mm1.90 kg

Hot-dip galvanized, according to BS 729 (DIN EN ISO 1461)

RAA 110-10F110 mm100 mm1.30 kg
RAA 110-20F110 mm200 mm1.50 kg
RAA 110-30F110 mm300 mm1.60 kg
RAA 110-40F110 mm400 mm1.80 kg
RAA 110-50F110 mm500 mm1.90 kg
RAA 110-60F110 mm600 mm2.10 kg

Stainless steel, according to ASTM 304 / BS 304 S 3

RAA 110-10E110 mm100 mm1.10 kg
RAA 110-20E110 mm200 mm1.20 kg
RAA 110-30E110 mm300 mm1.40 kg
RAA 110-40E110 mm400 mm1.50 kg
RAA 110-50E110 mm500 mm1.60 kg
RAA 110-60E110 mm600 mm1.80 kg