RR 110

cable tray reducer with integrated couplers

Please quote the design (left, centred, right) and the side width with your order. This article is also available made in stainless steel finish, material No. 1.4571 / 1.4404 (V4A).

Continously hot galvanized (Sendzimir process) (DIN EN 10346)

RR 110-20S110 mm200 mm500 mm1.90 kg
RR 110-30S110 mm300 mm500 mm2.40 kg
RR 110-40S110 mm400 mm500 mm2.90 kg
RR 110-50S110 mm500 mm500 mm3.40 kg
RR 110-60S110 mm600 mm500 mm3.90 kg

Hot-dip galvanized, according to BS 729 (DIN EN ISO 1461)

RR 110-20F110 mm200 mm500 mm2.20 kg
RR 110-30F110 mm300 mm500 mm2.70 kg
RR 110-40F110 mm400 mm500 mm3.20 kg
RR 110-50F110 mm500 mm500 mm3.80 kg
RR 110-60F110 mm600 mm500 mm4.30 kg

Stainless steel, according to ASTM 304 / BS 304 S 3

RR 110-20E110 mm200 mm500 mm2 kg
RR 110-30E110 mm300 mm500 mm2.50 kg
RR 110-40E110 mm400 mm500 mm2.80 kg
RR 110-50E110 mm500 mm500 mm3.40 kg
RR 110-60E110 mm600 mm500 mm3.80 kg