LGGS 100

heavy-duty cable ladder with continuously perforated side beams, welded rungs made of C-profile, certified including electrical conductivity according to DIN EN 61537

Continously hot galvanized (Sendzimir process) (DIN EN 10346)

LGGS 100-20-3S100 mm200 mm3000 mm161 cm²0.45 kN/m13.58 kg
LGGS 100-30-3S100 mm300 mm3000 mm242 cm²0.68 kN/m14.46 kg
LGGS 100-40-3S100 mm400 mm3000 mm322 cm²0.90 kN/m15.35 kg
LGGS 100-50-3S100 mm500 mm3000 mm403 cm²1.13 kN/m16.23 kg
LGGS 100-60-3S100 mm600 mm3000 mm483 cm²1.35 kN/m17.12 kg
LGGS 100-20S100 mm200 mm6000 mm161 cm²0.45 kN/m27.16 kg
LGGS 100-30S100 mm300 mm6000 mm242 cm²0.68 kN/m28.93 kg
LGGS 100-40S100 mm400 mm6000 mm322 cm²0.90 kN/m30.70 kg
LGGS 100-50S100 mm500 mm6000 mm403 cm²1.13 kN/m32.47 kg
LGGS 100-60S100 mm600 mm6000 mm483 cm²1.35 kN/m34.23 kg

Hot-dip galvanized, according to BS 729 (DIN EN ISO 1461)

LGGS 100-20-3F100 mm200 mm3000 mm161 cm²0.45 kN/m14.53 kg
LGGS 100-30-3F100 mm300 mm3000 mm242 cm²0.68 kN/m15.48 kg
LGGS 100-40-3F100 mm400 mm3000 mm322 cm²0.90 kN/m16.42 kg
LGGS 100-50-3F100 mm500 mm3000 mm403 cm²1.13 kN/m17.37 kg
LGGS 100-60-3F100 mm600 mm3000 mm483 cm²1.35 kN/m18.32 kg
LGGS 100-20F100 mm200 mm6000 mm161 cm²0.45 kN/m29.06 kg
LGGS 100-30F100 mm300 mm6000 mm242 cm²0.68 kN/m30.95 kg
LGGS 100-40F100 mm400 mm6000 mm322 cm²0.90 kN/m32.85 kg
LGGS 100-50F100 mm500 mm6000 mm403 cm²1.13 kN/m34.74 kg
LGGS 100-60F100 mm600 mm6000 mm483 cm²1.35 kN/m36.63 kg


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